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The area holds a wealth of luxury, refinement and elegance, with its breathtaking beauty almost, but not quite, beyond words to describe. Famous artists and writers happily discovered this little piece of paradise on earth in the mid-19th century and since then, this coastal fairy tale has been a haven for those who appreciate the good things in life.

With its peaceful atmosphere and year-round warm climate; Cap Ferrat is a popular destination in southeastern France. Some even describe it as the best kept secret of the French Riviera.

On average
15°C / year

140 days / year

150 mm / year

On average 12°C

Beaulieu-sur-Mer Station


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In more recent times Elizabeth Taylor, David Niven, Charlie Chaplin, Somerset Maugham, and Gregory Peck have all enjoyed the glamorous lifestyle that this retreat has to offer; Former presidents of France have also favored this destination over its better-known neighbors along the coast, to enjoy its quiet character; a haven from the stress of political offices.

One of the most glamorous hotels in Cap Ferrat, and indeed in the world, is the Grand-Hôtel de Cap-Ferrat. It was built around 1908; this imposing building looks like a great white palace, towering over all in its shadow. Its guest list includes George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Princess Louise, daughter of Queen Victoria, has made her home for many seasons and has been joined regularly by her brother Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn who lived in the area for over twenty years.

The way Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is best known is as The Pearl of the French Riviera. Two of the main activities in Cap-Ferrat are simply walking along the beautiful paths surrounding the peninsula, admiring the breathtaking views and grand villas, and enjoying the gastronomic delights that the many restaurants have to offer. Cap Ferrat is blessed with exceptional beaches. Plage la Paloma to the south of St-Jean-Cap-Ferrat was voted one of the ten best beaches on the French Riviera. The largest beach of Cap Ferrat is the Cro de Pei Pin located just north of the bay, between the main peninsula and the smaller peninsula of St Hospice. Set back from the coast, are discreet but imposing private residences. The properties on these estates are prestigious and highly sought after with large villas hidden, to most people’s taste, in the depths of sumptuous tropical gardens.

The activities

Villa and Gardens Ephrussi de Rothchild. The villa was built on the smallest part of the peninsula of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, and could be one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture on the French Riviera. The building is reminiscent of an Italian palace, and the exterior of the building serves as a reference to many design schools in Florence and Venice. There are seven different themed gardens where you are able to explore the grandeur of the French garden, the green opulence of the Spanish garden, and the exotic glow of the Japanese gardens. It is said that Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild considered the Villa Ile de France like an ocean liner and employed twenty gardeners to maintain the grounds while wearing full sailor uniforms.

David Niven’s Villa You can take a walk along the beach path of Beaulieu, which is known as Promenade Maurice Rouvier, where you will find the oldest villas in the area. The residence built in 1880, was previously known as Lo Scoglietto and translated as ‘Little Rock’; it also has its own private port. The house has been inhabited by many rich and famous people, as in 1920 the villa was rented by the Duchess of was then extended in the 1950s that it was rented by none other than Leopold III, King of the Belgians. Years later, the villa was then inhabited by the fantastic Charlie Chaplin, who sold it to the famous actor David Niven in 1960. The house itself is famous for its appearance in the 1983 film “The Pink Panther”, in which Niven played. The square in front of the villa is now recognized as David Niven Square, which was a tribute to the actor after his death. The Villa has now changed its name and is now known as “Fleur du Cap”.

Soc Fermière Port Nouveau. Port Nouveau is a small port, but hosts a multitude of good restaurants and cafes for eating, drinking and relaxing. The port was once a small fishing port, but has now evolved into a larger marina.

Chapelle St Hospice. If you take the time to walk upstream from the harbor, you will come across the Chapelle St Hospice which has a statue of the Virgin Mary, located outside of it. It’s said that St. Hospice lived here around 580; and would have chained himself with an iron chain and lived on a diet of bread, dates and water. People say that he was blessed with a gift to create miracles and prophesied about many events. In the chapel, you can see a painting displayed in which St. Hospice meets his death. If you enter the chapel, there is a book in which visitors or residents of St. Jean Cap Ferrat can write their wishes and aspirations to be answered. Many people visit the chapel just to write in the book.

The schools

International House Nice – It’s a 20 minute drive, but it’s a great school that teaches French and is the only one on the French Riviera. The school is located on the 1st floor of IPAG, one of the most prestigious business schools in Nice. This is an ideal location for students who can easily meet other French students and make use of all the facilities that the university has to offer.

ABC School – ABC School is located in Nice and is also about 20 minutes drive from the city. The school is a private organization and is bilingual, which will suit both residents and French expatriates on the French Riviera. The school integrates kindergarten, primary and secondary students in its education program and allows students from 2 to 9 years old to take the Cambridge ESOL exams as well depending on their level.

Ecole Privé Michelet – This school is about 30 minutes drive from St Jean Cap Ferrat.

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