Sell your prestige property on the French Riviera

Estate Prestige Knight Frank French Riviera epitomizes over 20 years of passionate expertise promoting luxury real estate on the French Riviera.

Your property is more than just real estate to us; it’s an exceptional place, a rare and privileged space, often overflowing with stories and filled with never-ending memories.

We are committed to providing you with the best expertise, to showcase the unique features of your property, thereby attracting the most discerning buyers and making the sale of your dreams.

Take advantage of Estate Prestige’s expertise and Knight Frank’s global network to sell your property

Thanks to our extensive network of luxury real estate clients and partners, we can connect you with serious, qualified buyers who are ready to invest in exceptional properties on the French Riviera.

Firstly, our in-depth knowledge of the local economic fabric, especially in the luxury real estate sector on the French Riviera, allows us to leverage our Estate Prestige Knight Frank French Riviera network to attract the interest of the most seasoned buyers. Secondly, as the global leader in luxury real estate, Knight Frank’s international network means we can also reach a worldwide clientele seeking exceptional properties.

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Steps to selling your property successfully on the French Riviera

Whether you’re experienced or it’s your first sale, a real estate transaction is a relatively straightforward financial operation that does, however, involves its share of intricate details.

That’s why we’ve created the “Seller’s Guide*”, which summarises all the key stages of the real estate selling process, along with handy tips that will make all the difference. Here, you’ll discover all the information you need, from signing the mandate to completing the sale, as well as promoting your property:

  • Appraising your property
  • Preparing and centre-staging your property
  • Marketing and promoting your property for sale
  • Offer procedures
  • Optimizing tax
  • Concluding the sale
Seller's Guide: Key steps to attracting the right buyers

Download the Seller’s guide

(*) This guide does not replace advice from legal and tax professionals and has no contractual value. As real estate sales rules in France are relatively complex, we always recommend seeking external advice when necessary.

Powerful marketing tools for tailored communication in selling your real estate on the French Riviera

In order to attract the best buyers, we use cutting-edge techniques to promote your property to an international clientele, emphasising the most relevant communication channels and reaching the most discerning buyers.

Estate Prestige Knight Frank French Riviera offers a unique, customised service with a communication plan tailored to the sale of your property:

  • Dedicated printed and digital brochure
  • Press releases & public relations
  • Social media
  • National and international press (Country Life, New York Times, Financial Times, etc.)
  • National and international real estate portals (Propriétés de France, Le Figaro, Belles Demeures, James Edition, LuxuryEstate, etc.)
  • Highlighting within Estate Prestige auction houses – catalogue exposure, transmission of personalised portfolios.

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Personalised accompaniment for selling your property on the French Riviera

Through our experience, we know that selling prestige real estate can sometimes be a complex and tedious process. That is why Estate Prestige Knight Frank French Riviera’s experts handle all the steps of the transaction, from the initial appraisal of your property to the final signing of your deal, ensuring you total peace of mind and absolute serenity.

The personalised accompaniment we offer to sell your property includes a precise appraisal of its value, based on our in-depth knowledge of the local luxury real estate market and current global trends, to position it optimally on the market.

With Estate Prestige Knight Frank French Riviera, you receive all the advice you need to maximise your property’s value, highlight all its assets, and obtain the best-selling price.

At Estate Prestige Knight Frank French Riviera, we are passionate about luxury real estate and are committed to delivering top-quality service to our clients. If you own an exceptional property on the French Riviera and wish to sell it, then rest assured, you can rely on our expertise and know-how.

Contact us today for a free appraisal of your property and discover how we can help you make the sale of your dreams.

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